Naked bottoms, big bellies and giant babies ... water bombing is back - SLIDESHOW

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GIANT BABIES, unidentified flying objects and one giant diving board - the World Water Bombing Championships at Ponds Forge is getting better every year.

More than 40 brave - and daft - water bombers took part this year to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, launching themselves off the diving board to make as bigger splash as possible.

And huge splashes were made by men dressed as the Spice Girls, Batman, Robin, over-sized babies and an alien complete with a flashing flying saucer.

One contestant, Joel Hicks, a 32 year-old barrister, from Leicester, flashed his bottom to a rapturous crowd. “I travel all over the country to take part in these events. I’ve taken part in mud running and gravy wrestling for charity,”

But the biggest splash was made by the Fat Boys of Hathersage, who clinched this year’s championship with splashes of more than five metres.

Dressed as a nurse, Fat Boy of Hathersage Mike Thomson, 48, a bowel specialist at the Children’s Hospital, said: “It’s a fabulous event and we’re really excited to be here - especially as returning champions. Macmillan nurses are a huge help to the hospital - they bring compassion when people are in despair.”

Judging the event were two Macmillan nurses, Vicky Hill, 59, from Woodhouse, and Catherine Marshall, 55, from Crookes. Both work at Weston Park and both are repeat guests at Sheffield’s quirkiest sporting event.

“It’s brilliant to see the effort people go to,” said Catherine. “It’s just a shame that the NHS has to be subsidised by a charity but really all nurses deserve credit - we’ve been told tonight that we’re doing a fantastic job but it is just a job, like all nurses do.”

The event - which raised £8,000 for Macmillan - was due to have starred Jo Brand but the comedian had to pull out last minute due to sickness.