'Nah then!' How clued up are you on 'Deedah' lingo as slang guide prepared for new Sheffield students?

Nah then! Think you know your Sheffield lingo?

By Darren Burke
Friday, 4th October 2019, 2:47 pm
Updated Friday, 4th October 2019, 3:48 pm
How clued up are you on your Sheffield lingo?
How clued up are you on your Sheffield lingo?

Well, here’s your chance to put yourself to the test with a new guide to Sheffield phrases and sayings drawn up to help the city's new university student intake settle into their surroundings.

Freshers around the country are finding themselves in new cities with tricky dialects and to help, a collection of language experts have come up with a go-to-guide to aid those when things get lost in translation.

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Choosing the twenty biggest universities by student population, Quizlet, compiled the guide to help those with the strangest and trickiest words used all over the country.

Here’s the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University guide, as drawn up by Johanna Blakey, PhD Researcher at the University of Sheffield.

● Word: Nah then

Definition: Hello

Use in a sentence: 'Nah then, how are you?' / 'Hello, how are you?'

● Word: Put wood in t'oil

Definition: Close the door

Use in a sentence: 'Put wood in t'oil, would you?' / 'Close the door, would you?'

● Word: Be reyt

Definition: Things will be ok

Use in a sentence: 'Don't worry mate, it'll be reyt' / 'Don't worry mate, everything will be fine'

● Word: Gi'o'er

Definition: Stop being silly

Use in a sentence: 'I played for the England U21 football team' 'Gi'o'er!' / 'I played for the

England U21 football team' 'Stop playing around!'

● Word: Oreyt?

Definition: How are you doing?

Use in a sentence: 'Oreyt?' 'Yes, I'm well thanks' / 'How are you?' 'Yes, I'm well thanks'

● Word: Nesh

Definition: Susceptible to the cold

Use in a sentence: 'He's a bit of a nesh' / 'He feels the cold'

● Word: Breadcake

Definition: Bread roll

Use in a sentence: 'I fancy a bacon breadcake' / 'I fancy a bacon roll'

Word: Sithee

Definition: See you later

Use in a sentence: 'I'm off to work, sithee!' / 'I'm off to work, see you later!'

● Word: Deedah

Definition: What people from Sheffield are known to others in South Yorkshire

Use in a sentence: 'That man off the telly is definitely a deedah' / 'That man on TV is definitely from Sheffield

● Word: Mitch

Definition: Skive

Use in a sentence: 'I mitched my lecture yesterday' / 'I skived my lecture yesterday'