Mystery of pink pigeon in Sheffield city centre solved

Sheffield folk have been left baffled after spotting a pigeon with pink plumage.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 4:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 5:36 pm
This unusual pigeon has been spotted in the city centre. Photo by Emma Godley
This unusual pigeon has been spotted in the city centre. Photo by Emma Godley

The odd looking bird was snapped by Emma Godley who works at Zooby's in the Winter Gardens.

The pigeon appears to have had its feathers dyed and is ringed, which suggests it could be a racing pigeon.

After seeing our original story, photographer Chris Carter offered an explanation to the wonderfully coloured pigeon.

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He said: “The pink pigeon has taken temporary residence outside the Central Library. At first onlookers thought the Pigeon had been dyed to give the unique pink plumage and head markings, but in fact it has been bred that way.

“As crowds stopped to admire and photograph our pink visitor, I contacted the Pigeon Racing Society who took its details and the tag on its foot and told me that it was a race pigeon on a mid race break. They commonly stop for around five to ten days to take food, water and rest.

“The Sheffield Ambassadors said he had been around for a day or two, so it looks like our sporting visitor shall be here for a few days yet.

“Meanwhile our pink feathered sporting visitor has been eager to pose for the it’s fans and take biscuit from the hands of admirers. Although spending most time on the ground it has also taken to the skies to flock with the resident pigeons and demonstrate its sporting excellence.”

The RSPCA had issued a previous warning on the dangers of applying paint to animals.

A spokesman said: “Birds are living creatures and dyeing them in this way sends out an extremely worrying message that they could be viewed as novelty accessories rather than as the intelligent, sentient animals they are.

“Paint can be dangerous for animals. Although some products may be labelled as being safe for people to use, this does not mean that these substances would be suitable or safe for animals too."

Have YOU seen the pink pigeon? Can you think of a good name for it or do you know how it came to have such unusual colouring?

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