My view with Richard Collingwood, Doncaster Police Inspector

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Cracking down on vice trade.

Prostitution is an area of concern for many members of the community in Doncaster and resolving residents’ worries is a priority for the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

My policing teams cover a number of areas in Doncaster including the town centre, Balby, Hexthorpe , Hyde Park, Intake and Wheatley, with concerns being raised about prostitution in Thorne Road and surrounding areas.

In the last year, officers have issued 93 cautions for prostitution and have made 53 arrests, with 22 individuals referred to the Change Programme, which is a nationally recognised scheme designed to minimise occasions of repeat kerb crawling offences.

The programme, which is funded by the offenders, meaning there is no cost to the public, has proved successful with a zero reoffending rate.

The agency running the programme have also provided surplus funding of £1,000 which will be spent on community events in the area most affected by prostitution.

Officers carry out regular patrols in the areas affected and they will continue to do so. We also work with other key agencies to provide help and support to those involved in prostitution, to encourage them away from this lifestyle and to reduce the issue.

As well as dealing with this issue, our teams deal with a wide range of issues that affect local communities. These include antisocial behaviour and criminal damage.

The teams are also providing crime prevention advice and offering assistance to the public to protect themselves from becoming a victim of crime.

Property marking and logging items on the national property register Immobilise are methods we are keen to promote.

We encourage residents to to mark or log their valuables and property to increase the likelihood of getting their items back if they are lost or stolen.

The issue of marking property brings to mind a recent case that we have seen in Doncaster.

This week, a woman was arrested and was found to be in possession of a mobile phone that officers had reason to believe was not hers .

The Immobilise system was checked and the phone had been logged on there by the actual owner. Subsequently, the woman was charged with handling stolen goods and will be appearing at court in the very near future.

If anyone is interested or would like further information on property marking or the immobilise system, or if anyone has any concerns or problems in their area, they should contact their local safer neighbourhood team by calling the police on 101.

We are running a Crime Prevention property marking operation and would urge any member of the public interested to contact the SNA office or call at College Road police station where UV property marking pens will be available.