My View, Cheryl Sadler: Shoppers gearing up for the outdoors

Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster. Picture Scott MerryleesBrodsworth Hall near Doncaster. Picture Scott Merrylees
Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster. Picture Scott Merrylees
As I write this column, the sky is blue and almost cloud-free.

Yes it is cold, but I think that there is something lovely about this time of year, something that makes me want to be outside and enjoy myself in the great outdoors.

And it seems that I am not the only one, judging by current number of shoppers!

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There are lots of shoppers visiting the centre to make sure they are kitted out in the right gear for everything ranging from a family walk in the Peak District, to doing their training for a charity run.

This can be a fantastic time to be outside and exploring and if you are wrapped up warm against the chill then there is some great family fun to be had.

A family visit to Brodsworth Hall or Cusworth Hall can be magical at this time of year, providing the little ones aren’t complaining of wet feet or cold ears.

Having the right outdoor wear for adventures can make a real difference.

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Thankfully we’ve got Mountain Warehouse, Tog 24 and Trespass stores on our high street which all offer outdoor clothing and footwear to help people enjoy their adventures no matter what the great British weather throws in their way.

Now that it is starting to get light a little earlier and the sun is not setting until a little later we are also seeing lots of runners back on the pavements.

Lots of people are in training for 5k and 10k runs, some have marathon places that they will be taking up.

There are so many runners and joggers around the lake next to Lakeside Village each day it makes you want to grab a pair of trainers and join in.

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I think running is one of those activities that you can do whenever the will takes you.

You do it at your own pace and are free to pound the pavements at any time.

But having the right pair of trainers on your feet is so important to how comfortable your run is.

Each year thousands of runners and walkers experience injuries that are caused simply by not having the right footwear on.

It is not just about how the shoes look.

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It is also about how they can protect your joints from injury.

It is always worth having a chat with the salesperson when you are buying new trainers or walking boots.

It gives you the chance of explaining what activities you will be doing.

If you do that, outdoor stores and sports stores will be happy to be able to help you make a suitable choice of footwear.

Spring is just around the corner.

But for now wrap up warm, get outside and have some fun!

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