My View, Charlotte Taylor: Putting more fun into my everyday life

We spend so much of our time being sensible, working hard and sticking within our comfort zone.

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 8:00 am

Now it might be because the big 4 0 is looming, it might be that spring has sprung or it might be because I have a seven-year-old who brings out the best in me, but something has certainly shifted in my outlook this last few weeks.

That something has made me determined to face my fears, throw off convention and inject more fun into every day.

This is why last week on a trip to the beautiful Berwick Upon Tweed I found myself rolling down a hill racing my son to the bottom.

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This must have looked quite a sight to the other parents who were passing by with their children but I honestly did not give it a second thought.

I saw the twinkle in my boy’s eye as he saw the big grassy covered mound and looked at me hesitantly, expecting me to say no. Instead I shouted yes as I ran towards the hill, threw myself on the floor and tumbled down. He won each time we did it and his laughter was worth every bump and grass stain!

Later that week I bought my first pair of swimming goggles and he taught me how to swim to the bottom of the pool and pick up the coloured items he’d thrown down there. I’ve never had my eyes open below water before and it was really great to do.

I can’t wait to try it in the sea.

These might seem like small things, and they are, but for me these are new things and when I asked him what he enjoyed about the holiday they were both high up in his list, along with a nice cherry scone and feeding the lambs.

Another new thing for this year has been starting Sign Language classes at Doncaster Deaf Trust.

Natalie, my teacher has the patience of a saint!

I got back from holiday to a letter saying I’d passed the first test.

I was amazed and really thrilled. It has been very challenging for me, I was terrible at languages at school and because I don’t sign every day I’m finding it quite tough to remember the sign but it is something that I’ve wanted to do for years.

I’m really proud in 2016 to be making it happen.

I’ve still got to try going on a waterslide, I’ve promised him that I’ll do this during the next school holiday and I’m sure I’ll come up with more new things to try as the year progresses.

Doing these things has been fun and brought in a much more relaxed approach both to home and work. So no matter how busy I am, I’m going to remember the look on his face as we raced towards the grassy mound. We should all take the time to roll down a hill!