My View, Bill Morrison: Too little info for the commissioner vote

What an interesting conversation the grey brigade have had. There are no great surprises in the local election results '“ but hang on a minute, what about the arrogance of the Police and Crime Commissioner candidates?

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 11:35 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 11:36 am
Dr Alan Billings is the re-elected  Police and Crime Commissioner for 2016
Dr Alan Billings is the re-elected Police and Crime Commissioner for 2016

I and a good number of others in my area had no knowledge of who was a candidate, what they stood for, or indeed anything at all about them. Could they possibly be so arrogant or perhaps stupid to think we mere mortals don’t have to know, we follow like sheep at their bidding?

And then the elected man, or should I say re-elected man, had the audacity to say in a television interview afterwards that he didn’t really know about the whistleblowing scenario surrounding Hayley Court and the Hillsborough inquests. Come off it, it was on your watch, if you can suspend a man for something that he had no real part in, then what’s to be done with you?

Shame you didn’t make that statement prior to election day – or did you fear facing a few home truths?

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Look closely at your staff and discover who kept you in the dark and let’s see you act on it.

Perhaps you might feel another suspension or even a dismissal coming on, or to put it another way, do your job without fear or favour.

We had a short discussion on the kids going on holiday during term time. It seems fairly simple to us oldies. Why penalise parents when the real culprit is the corporate greed of holiday companies? Legislate against them.

There is no reason that we can see for increasing rates for the school holiday time. If they say there is let’s see transparency in their submission of costs and show us where it needs hundreds more pounds per family to enjoy the sun.

Someone told me just recently that they booked via a friend in America a holiday there including flight from the UK and saved a substantial amount.

True or not I don’t know but if it is maybe that’s what we should be doing via the internet. Can you imagine the tears and tantrums of our operators if we could cut out the middle man here at home? Over to you Dave and all the greedy holiday operators.

On the subject of holidays, Bert, one of our oldies, asked why it seems cheaper to fly from anywhere bar Robin Hood to a holiday destination?

Well, I don’t know the answer to that. Perhaps the Sheriff of Nottingham is still trying to outdo Robin and if he is, he’s winning.

I have a question for the Prime Minster. How come 8oo,ooo NI numbers have been issued and yet you tell us less than half of that number have entered the country? Wake up and start telling us what’s happening on the immigration front.