My mad Sunday

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Did I get the date wrong as I travelled to Queens Road for a takeaway due to KFC being closed for a refurb at Woodseats?

I travel down Woodseats and have to do a quick stop so as not to hit some idiots in cars coming out of Woodseats Road – I have right of way.

Then down to Heeley, lots of drunks in the middle of the road dicing with death between traffic, then two cars enter the main road outside James Cycles from a no entry.

Then finally, by more luck than judgement, I get to my destination, to be greeted by a rubbish-strewn carpark with rats enjoying the discarded food. I hope my local takeaway reopens soon as I cannot cope with this dangerous jaunt.

The food was only average after all that, as well as minus the nusual wipes.

S Rich

Secretary Greenhill/Bradway Tara