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I WOULD like to thank Gordon Danks and his team of Langsett Peak Park Rangers for the invitation to their Christmas celebration at the Dog & Partridge, especially after the passing away of my wife, with whom I spent an enormous amount of time rambling in this beautiful National Park.

My connection with that enjoyable district dates back to 1948, a post-wartime visit to a Sheffield hospital to see my wounded friend and look at the military cell at Wigtwizzle in Ewden Valley.

During my pleasant conversation, my memory was taken back right to the creation of this park.

I also recalled the pioneers of the first wardens, as they were called at that time, who took part in the struggle to create the park.

I can remember the talk I had with the first generation of the evacuees from Derwent Village at Yorkshire Bridge later with my wife meeting warden (and ex-RAF) Roni Wilkinson, co-author of the book Dark Peaks Wrecks.

He gave us grid numbers and other details of what time planes crashed, especially Sikorski Turist which carried three Polish flying instructors, who came out unhurt through a hole in the plane body.

We visited one of these survivors in Newark and his wife was like mine, foreign-born and raised in England. And we recalled the first stroll through Langsett village, still in military uniform, demobbed but not discharged.

Now the rangers are doing an excellent job to preserve the area for the vast numbers of members of the public to enjoy it and keep fit and well with satisfying pleasure.

We also spent time thinking about the more mature crowd, replacing stiles with gates.

The only sadness I felt was that my wife could not be with me as she was well known by many rangers.

Tony Sosna, Huddersfield