My invite to Number 10

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It was most encouraging to read the article, (The Star, January 25), regarding April Bell, (who apparently works for, Monica Hewitt Florists, Hillsborough), who was recently invited to Number 10 Downing Street, regarding an event to recognise the contribution apprentices make to British economy!

My own invite to Number 10 happened in 1996, on the occasion of The Charter Mark Awards Scheme, instigated by the then Prime Minister, John Major.

About a month before I had picked a leaflet at the Meadowhall Retail Complex, whereby I could nominate a public body, or building, that had given long service to the community.

I chose the Transport Interchange, as I had used the bus service since my student days at the Sheffield College of Art, Psalter Lane, in the very early 1970s, when it was known as the Pond Street Bus Station.

To my surprise I was invited for an evening reception, in the rose garden.

Lining up with other nominees, I was introduced to Mr Major, congratulating him on successfully, winning, (narrowly), a previous vote of no confidence, by his own party. Mr Major thanked me most warmly, asking me where I had come from.(Sheffield Interchange)!

My congratulations to the Prime Minister didn’t do him much good unfortunately, as less than a year later, John Major was replaced by a certain Tony Blair.

Steven Davis

Liberal Democrat member