My Falkland family

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Ron Humberstone, who said we have no right to the Falklands, obviously gained his knowledge of the islands from a few press clippings.

The islands show they have good reserves of oil which is the reason the Argentines are showing such renewed interest.

This plus squid and fishing are bringing revenue that the Argentines would also love to claim as their economy is, as it has been for decades, in free-fall.

The islands were given up by previous occupants because it was at that time deemed ‘worthless’.

The people on the islands endured a hard existence and struggled to make it what it is now, a successful, happy and thriving community .

The islanders are fiercely proud of their British roots and are eternally grateful for our intervention when they were invaded.

Would anyone be happy to hand our own people over to a junta whose human rights history is non-existent?

My knowledge of the island? My eldest son married an islander and has lived and worked there for nearly 20 years, bringing up a son and daughter and we have visited them on a few occasions.

Falklanders are open, welcoming and the most generous and friendly people imaginable.

Would Mr Humberstone’s attitude be the same if his family lived there? Not a chance!

Steve Roberts, Milnrow Cres, S5