My brilliant new LED headlamp

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For my 63rd birthday recently, my second youngest daughter, (Sophie), bought me a most brilliant LED headlamp for when I’m out and about cycling at night.

My, it’s so brilliant I can now see exactly how uneven the roads are. Mind you, I’m very careful to angle the bright beam down onto the road in front of me and not high up in the air where it will dazzle everyone (motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike).

Could I ask cyclists not to use the strobe-like flashlights on these light units either as those who suffer from the effects of this flickering can be sent into a fit (or even lose their vision). Most, most dangerous.

However, cycling along Neepsend Lane through the city recently, it was wonderful to experience a lovely new (very smooth) road surface. The recently renovated historic Ball Street Bridge over the River Don (upstream of Kelham Island), is also a joy to cycle over now. But boy oh boy, Rutland Road should be renamed Rutted Road and Flat Street (by the bus station up to Fitzalan Square), not Flat Street, that’s for sure.

Geoff A Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree, Bolsover, S44