Must-do maintenance tips for autumn homes and gardens

As temperatures begin to drop, it’s a good idea to start thinking about tasks that need to be done around the home and garden before winter hits.

From checking drains to roofing repairs, make the following jobs top priorities, to ensure you aren’t hit with hefty bills, or other unwelcome surprises. Rex Nye from independent builders' merchant D.W.Nye recommends the following:

Get your garden in order

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Increased rainfall and high winds can play havoc on fencing so check that all panels and posts are firmly fixed. If panels are split or damaged, repair or replace them. Replacing panels is a relatively straightforward job and nobody wants to be outside fixing fencing while being battered about by gale force winds! Treating your fencing with a specialist wood preserver or oil will also protect it from the elements.

Keeping your lawn in tip top condition all year round isn’t easy. Prepare your lawn for winter by continuing to mow throughout the autumn, and ensuring you cut at a level of two inches. If grass is too long, it will become matted, encouraging mould and disease to breed. Alternatively, for a maintenance free option, consider replacing your lawn with high quality artificial grass – once installed it delivers all the aesthetics without any associated elbow-grease!

Clean up and clear out

Just like you’d give your house a spring clean, give your garden an autumn clear out. Washing down paving, weeding flower beds, raking lawns and giving the windows a once over will all help to keep things under control.

Consider getting your windows checked for leaks. Just a small gap or crack could cause water damage or allow cold air to seep into your home, decreasing the room temperature and racking up heating bills.

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Pack up garden furniture, lights and lanterns and store them somewhere dry. If storage is limited or unavailable, invest in a good quality outdoor furniture cover to keep it protected.

Check drains and remedy roofing

Make sure your home is safeguarded from sudden bursts or frequent bouts of rain by checking drains and guttering are clear of debris and obstructions. It’s a good idea to install a drain protector.

Frost can cause havoc to pipes, causing them to crack. Drain anything that isn’t in use over winter, such as outside water containers. This will stop any water inside from freezing and expanding and consequently causing damage.

Insulation is a straightforward way to prevent damage to pipes during cold spells. It is easily available and can be quickly fitted to exposed pipes. A quick survey inside and outside your property should help to determine which pipes need protecting.

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Examine the roof for loose fitting tiles or leakages and get anything suspicious checked out and, if necessary, repaired by a professional.

By investing a bit of time and effort during the warmer months, your home and garden should be ship shape well into the new year.

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