Muslim protest against child abuse to be held in Rotherham today

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A protest speaking out against child sexual exploitation in Rotherham will be held by a Muslim group today.

The British Muslim Youth Demonstration group will hold a ‘united multicultural demonstration against child sexual exploitation’ in the town.

The event will start at 2.15pm outside the Town Hall.

A spokesman for the group said: “We are protesting due to the injustice suffered by 1,400 children through child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

“The crimes perpetrated against the children were truly horrific and the pain suffered is unimaginable.

“For over 16 years the victims have had no justice or redress; British Muslim Youth feel this is a grotesque dereliction of the duty of care owed to victims of crime from the responsible authorities. Enough is enough: it is now time for justice.

“Similarly, the community is shocked and abhors these horrific crimes. The excuse proffered by the authorities for not pursuing these criminals, was that they were worried about the repercussions on ‘race relations’, due to the perpetrators ethnicity. This view is not accepted and is totally rejected.

“This demonstration is designed to send out a clear message that the people from Rotherham and Britain regardless race or religion: Not In Our Name. We urge everyone who is angry about the suffering of these children in Rotherham to join us in sending a clear message, that we demand justice for the 1,400.

“People from all race, religions, backgrounds and creeds standing together to rebuild Rotherham is what is needed right now. Please come and support us in building a new, vibrant and thriving Rotherham from the ashes of this revolting saga.”

*Check The Star website this afternoon for footage and a report about the protest.