Musician found dead after fleeing police

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A MUSICIAN was found dead in a Sheffield canal five days after fleeing a police search, his inquest heard.

Wayne Hamilton, of Albert Road, Heeley, ran after officers stopped friend Lewis Trotman’s car on Shirland Lane, Attercliffe, Sheffield, in the early hours of June 10, 2010.

His body was found in the nearby Sheffield and Tinsley Canal five days later.

A Sheffield jury inquest yesterday heard Mr Trotman say police started to follow the bandmates as they returned to their Attercliffe recording studio after buying refreshments

Jurors heard the two officers who stopped them believed they could smell cannabis.

PC Michael Henderson found nothing when searching driver Mr Trotman, 23, and then went to check 25-year-old Mr Hamilton.

Mr Trotman said: “As he’s gone to search him there’s a bit of a ruckus and Wayne took off.

“There were no blows, just pushing and shoving, basically a bit of a struggle, then he took off.”

PC Henderson chased Mr Hamilton, but fell. Mr Hamilton was not seen alive again.

The inquest heard Mr Hamilton had been due to appear in court, but didn’t reveal why.

However, Mr Trotman said his friend had not been worried when police started to follow them and, to his knowledge, had no cannabis.

Mr Trotman also claimed PC Henderson initially acted ‘funny’ with an ‘attitude’.

“If I had that attitude towards him I’m sure I would have been arrested”, Mr Trotman said.

PC Henderson said the car was stopped as another suspect had run off in an unrelated incident nearby and it was taking an ‘unusual route’ for that time.

Mr Hamilton ‘brushed past him at the most’ when escaping, he said.

The inquest was adjourned until Wednesday.

An Independent Police Complaints Commission probe continues.