Museums can now take stock

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THERE can be few in Sheffield who care about our cultural activities who feel that the city was treated shoddily when the Arts Council turned down an application from Museums Sheffield for a £1.5 million-a-year grant to fund its activities over the next three years.

As a consequence more than 20 people are to be made redundant.

These are people who, in the main, have worked behind the scenes to ensure that the public enjoyed their visits to the city’s museums and galleries and they deserve the gratitude of people who have generally been unaware of their contribution. However, the situation could have been far worse and, it has to be said, it is the Arts Council which has to be thanked for this.

The organisation has agreed a smaller, £500,000 a year grant which allowed Museums Sheffield to reduce the number of planned job losses. It also means some planned exhibitions can still go ahead.

Museums Sheffield now has a breathing space to take stock of its diminished financial position to work out how to continue serving the public of Sheffield to the best of its means.

Looking forward to improvements

IN these tough economic times all areas of public service can expect to bear their fair share of cutbacks. But surely there need to be exceptions. And one clear example must be those helping the city’s children and teenagers who have mental health problems.

However, it is emerging that it can take almost a year for young people to be seen by an expert, which is an unacceptably long time.

There is some comfort from the suggestion that the growing waiting lists was due to the service undergoing a ‘transitional’ period and that the problems were temporary.

We look forward to marked improvements in this vital service.

Contact police

IT is a grim sign of our times when a child as young as six appears to be working in cahoots with an adult to steal a purse from a shopper.

This dreadful offence happened in a Poundland store in Rotherham and was captured on CCTV. It is believed that a man jostled the victim giving the youngster the perfect opportunity to snatch the purse.

If you have any information which could help police solve this crime, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities. This child needs to be directed from such a devious way of looking at life and your fellow men and women.