Murphy strikes up memory

Jamie Murphy
Jamie Murphy
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Jamie Murphy’s spectacular winner – its timing as incredible as its quality – brought to mind other great Blades solo goals.

In 1985 (I think) Steve Wigley took the ball from the edge of our penalty area to score against Blackburn Rovers, but with no cameras around in those days it’s hard to quite recall how he did it.

I seem to remember he just ran in a straight line and nobody tried to stop him until it was too late.

The most famous solo goal in United’s history must be Tony Currie’s against West Ham in 1975 – a quality goal by a quality player and all that. He picked up the ball just inside the West Ham half and a defender (Gary Locke?) came to close him down.

TC never actually went past anybody – Locke held him up and backed off to the edge of the area. Several of his colleagues were also between Currie and the goal.

But TC nonchalantly played the ball from foot to foot before casually side-footing it at snail’s pace just inside the post.

Locke and goalkeeper Mervyn Day were mesmerised.

It’s the only goal I’ve ever seen scored by hypnosis. I bet TC and Woody talked about that one a lot last week.

The most amazing of all, however, was Tony Field’s against Ipswich in 1974, when he carried the ball from the centre circle, skipped past three defenders and as three more closed him down scored from a narrow angle at the Kop end. Both Currie’s and Field’s goals are on Youtube and various DVDs for all to enjoy.

Field later moved to the USA, where he played alongside Pele and Franz Beckenbauer.

Maybe he taught them a thing or two.