Murder victim ‘didn’t deserve’ brutal attack

Murder victim John Dawson.
Murder victim John Dawson.
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A MAN accused of killing a drinking pal in a ‘prolonged and brutal’ attack at his South Yorkshire home told a jury his alleged victim ‘didn’t deserve’ his violent death.

John Dawson, aged 57, was found dead on the living room floor at his house on Highstone Avenue, Worsbrough Common, Barnsley, having suffered more than 50 injuries.

John was allegedly kicked, knifed, and stamped on by friends Adrian Beevers and Gary Evans in a joint attack.

Both men deny murder - and blame each other for the violence.

Evans, 43, of Cope Street, Worsbrough, told the jury at Sheffield Crown Court that he was staying at John’s house on the weekend before the killing in February, and they both drank heavily together.

He said Beevers, 42, also came over to Highstone Avenue, and was sitting on the sofa with John when he went into the kitchen to fetch a knife.

“He turned round and dug the knife into his head,” Evans said. “He dragged it back, causing an incision.”

Evans said Beevers punched John twice before he stood up and tried to stab his victim in the face.

“I remember Adrian kicking him and stamping on him.

“I shouted, ‘Adrian, you’re going too far.’ I was panicking.”

Evans said he covered John with a pink blanket before leaving the house - but then he said the victim was wearing the same pink blanket when he was thrown to the floor.

“You’re lying,” said Nick Clarke QC, defending Beevers, of Mill Court, Worsbrough.

“You’ve let the cat out of the bag.”

Evans insisted: “I’ve not lied in this case one bit. I was petrified, scared to death.

“John was a good man. He didn’t deserve what he got.”

He later admitted the answers he gave to police in interview were ‘a pack of lies’.

The trial continues.