MURDER: I killed my lover, man confesses

Ashtiaq Asghar, who has admitted murdering 17-year-old Laura Wilson.
Ashtiaq Asghar, who has admitted murdering 17-year-old Laura Wilson.
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Dramatic plea-change mid-way through trial

Ashtiaq Asghar, aged 18, of Holmes Lane, Holmes, Rotherham, admitted killing 17-year-old Laura Wilson after she told his family about their relationship.

Murder victim Laura Wilson.

Murder victim Laura Wilson.

Ishaq Hussain, 22, who denies murder and is still on trial, allegedly provided a decoy to ensure Laura met Asghar alone.

The teenage mum was reported missing after she failed to return home from a night out on October 9 last year.

Three days later, her body was pulled from the Sheffield Canal near Meadowhall.

Jurors at Sheffield Crown Court were that told days before she died, Laura told Asghar’s family they’d had a sexual relationship and she wanted his babies and told Hussain’s mother he had fathered her four-month-old daughter.

After the killing, Asghar allegedly told a friend: “I’m gonna be famous. I’ve done something.

“You will hear about it - keep your eyes open.”

Asghar admitted murder to a hushed court after hearing all the prosecution evidence against him, bowing his head after entering his plea.

His defence case had been due to get under way yesterday afternoon.

He now faces a life sentence.

Judge Mr Justice Davis, who directed the jury to return a guilty verdict, told Asghar: “You will know what the sentence has to be.”

The judge thanked friends and relatives in the public gallery for their “silence and respect” when Asghar pleaded guilty to Laura’s murder.

Taxi driver Shaheed Mahmood, a friend of Laura’s, had told the court she had asked to use his phone to call Asghar on the last night she was seen alive.

Mr Mahmood said she made the request as he was waiting for a fare on Hartington Road, Rotherham.

“I heard her say she wanted to meet up, down the canal, down the cut.”

Phone records showed the cabbie’s mobile was used three times to call Asghar between 9.37pm-9.38pm on the night Laura went missing.

Nicholas Campbell QC, prosecuting, said Laura, of Birch Park Court, Holmes, slept with Hussain and became pregnant with her daughter while she was on a break from her relationship with Asghar in 2009.

The court heard the dad had failed to acknowledge the child was his or provide support for her.

Laura’s sister Sarah said Hussain, of Ferham Road, Holmes, was rumoured to have told others: “I hope the little sprog dies.”

She said three days before her sister’s death, Laura decided to tell Hussain’s family about the baby and tell Asghar’s relatives she was in love with him and wanted to have his children.

But Sarah said Laura was met with abuse from Mrs Asghar, who allegedly called her a “dirty white bitch.”

Hussain’s family claimed he had left home to marry his Asian wife.

Mr Campbell said that both men had wanted her dead because she was a “loose cannon”.

Mr Justice Davis adjourned Asghar’s sentencing to a later date.

The trial continues.