Murder accused was ‘watching The Wire DVDs’ on night of fatal Sheffield shooting

Jordan Thomas, aged 22, died as a result of gunshot injuries
Jordan Thomas, aged 22, died as a result of gunshot injuries
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A suspect accused of playing a part in the murder of Jordan Thomas has said he was ‘watching DVDs’ when the fatal shooting took place.

Jama Ahmed told Sheffield Crown Court he was watching TV drama The Wire when Mr Thomas was shot dead on Derek Dooley Way at 10.15pm on December 21.

Ann Cotcher QC, for Ahmed, asked him what he was doing on the night of the murder.

Ahmed said he went to London Road in the evening and then headed to Division Street to acquire more DVDs.

Drug dealer Ahmed, who had an electronic tag fitted at the time, told the court he then went to watch the DVDs in a flat on Exeter Drive before heading home in time for his curfew.

The 26-year-old admits ringing a taxi which took his co-defendant, Asif Yousaf, to pick up the murder vehicle – a red Mitsubishi Shogun – from an address on Birley Spa Lane, but claimed he thought the taxi was called so drugs could be picked up.

He told the jury he was instructed by another member of his Somali gang to order the taxi in a false name.

He said: “I thought it was for drugs pick up. I was confused at first because I had never heard the road before, we usually get taxis to somewhere around Broomhall.

“If I knew if it was for murder I wouldn’t have rang it, I would have said, ‘Get it yourself.’”

Ms Cotcher said: “Mr Yousaf has said that you instructed him to bring the Shogun to Philadelphia Gardens in Upperthorpe on the night of the shooting, is this correct?”

Ahmed replied: “No, that is not correct. That’s lies, I was never there.”

Ms Cotcher asked Ahmed about Yousaf’s claims he had given him crack cocaine in return for buying the vehicle.

Ahmed replied: No, I don’t even sell crack - I sell cocaine. Plus none of us had any drugs to sell anyway that day.”

Ahmed denied there was bad blood between him and Jordan Thomas and said that during a spell away from selling drugs he played in the same football team as him.

He said: “I got on well with Jordan Thomas, we played in the same football team and played alongside each other, we got on.”

Ahmed, of Broomhall Place, and Yousaf, aged 33, of Violet Bank Road, both deny murdering Mr Thomas and attempting to murder Neshaun Ferguson.

Yousaf’s father, Mohammed Yousaf, 61, also of Violet Bank Road, denies attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The trial continues.