Murder accused ‘can’t answer’ why CCTV footage failed to show his car at scene of alibi

Simon Holdsworth
Simon Holdsworth
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CCTV footage failed to show the car of murder accused Shaun Wainwright in the location he said he was parked at the time of Simon Holdsworth’s killing.

Wainwright, who denies murder, claimed in court today that at the time of Mr Holdsworth’s murder, he had been parked in Cadman Road off Mansfield Road, drinking lager and listening to music in his car while thinking about the death of his late partner Alison Platt.

But CCTV from the 120 bus Mr Holdsworth used on the night of his murder was played to the jury.

Taken at 11.02pm, around 15 minutes before Mr Holdsworth was killed, it showed Wainwright’s vehicle was not parked at the entrance of Cadman Road, where he said it had been from 11pm onwards.

Wainwright said he ‘couldn’t answer’ why his vehicle was not shown by the footage from two cameras on the bus.

He accepted his vehicle could not be seen on the road but added he ‘may have got there a bit later’ or was possibly parked ‘further back’ along the street.

Teesside Crown Court heard Wainwright had been interviewed for more than 16 hours by police and had not mentioned he had been parked on the road at any stage.

He originally told police he had gone straight home from work at FBS Prestige, arriving home at 11.05pm.

In his first account, Wainwright said he had let his dogs out and then watched the film Deep Blue Sea, telling officers about the scenes he had watched that evening. He also told police he had seen the film ‘thousands of times’ as it was his favourite.

Under cross-examination, Wainwright said he had not lied to police in interview and had instead made a ‘mistake’.

He said he had ‘forgot all about’ being parked up until after he was charged and remanded in custody, when he had time to think and ‘trace my tracks properly’.

Wainwright said: “At the time, I actually thought I did go home. But when I thought about it, I didn’t.”

Mr Holdsworth, aged 36, was battered to death with a blunt weapon on the playing fields of Rainbow Forge Primary School, Hackenthorpe, as he walked home from work at about 11.15pm on the night of December 16, 2013.

The trial continues.