Mum's anger after son plummets through broken trampoline at Jump Inc Sheffield

A mum has spoken of her anger after her son plummeted through a broken, frayed trampoline at a Sheffield play centre and had to be rescued by onlookers.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 30th September 2020, 10:33 am

Bobby Rudge escaped injury when he disappeared through a hole on a trampoline at Jump Inc near Meadowhall – but his upset mum has demanded answers after he had to be pulled out – and was then apparently offered a free slush as compensation.

Mum Lucy Burke said: “The staff looked like they didn’t have a clue what to do.

"No one came to help, no one asked him how he was and then they just offered him a free slush. It’s disgusting.”

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Bobby Rudge plunged through this frayed trampoline at Jump Inc in Sheffield.

Bobby, 11, had attended the trampoline park on Saturday with his mum and her partner Daniel.

The youngster was just coming to the end of his hour play slot when the incident happened.

Said Lucy: “He was on top of a block, ready to jump down onto the trampoline. It wasn’t very high.

"But as he jumped off, he disappeared straight through a hole in the side and onto the floor.

“My partner ran down because he was stuck and couldn’t get out and another member of the public came to help him. He’d got trapped so his arms and head were sticking out but he was tangled up.

"The staff were just standing around watching.”

"All along one side of the trampoline was frayed. He was screaming because he couldn’t get out.”

“Afterwards they told him he could have a free slush.”

The following day, Mrs Burke, who lives at Stannington, said Bobby was complaining of a painful neck and that he had struggled sleeping because he had been worrying about the incident.

“He was only stuck for a few minutes, but he was panicking so it probably felt like a long time to him.

"We’ve not heard anything from Jump Inc at all. I’m really not happy about how we were treated.”

We have contacted Jump Inc, which is based in Vulcan Road, for comment