Mum was ‘madly in love’ with ‘killer’

Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson
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THE SISTER of a teenage mum who was stabbed to death then dumped in a canal was ‘madly in love’ with her alleged killer, a court heard.

Sarah Wilson, whose sister Laura, aged 17, was stabbed to death last October, told jurors at Sheffield Crown Court her sister had sexual relationships with both the men accused of her murder.

Laura’s former lover Ishaq Hussain, aged 22, known as Zac, of Ferham Road, Holmes, Rotherham is on trial for her murder. He denies the charge.

His friend Ashtiaq Asghar, 18, of Holmes Lane, Holmes, admitted killing the teenage mum at an earlier hearing.

The prosecution maintain that both men were jointly responsible for Laura’s death.

Nicholas Campbell QC, prosecuting, told the jury Laura’s two Asian lovers planned her death after she brought shame on them and their families when she told the families about the relationships.

Sarah, Laura’s elder sister told Sheffield Crown Court that Laura, who had learning disabilities, had a brief affair with Hussain, who was married, and became pregnant.

She said during the pregnancy Hussain was sent to prison but wrote to Laura, of Birch Park Court, Holmes, Rotherham and tried to ‘control’ her from behind bars.

Sarah said: “He told her that he would support her. But he said she couldn’t go out with her mates, he was trying to control her.”

She said when the baby was born, Hussain refused to acknowledge it was his and offered no support to the young mum.

She said: “Zac tried denying the baby was his but she was the double of him.

“Zac’s attitude to Laura was that he didn’t care less and she didn’t care about him. She was madly in love with Ash.”

Sarah said two days before Laura disappeared, she went around to their homes and told both mens’ families about the sexual relationships.

Asghar’s mum was so incensed she removed one of her shoes and tried to hit Laura with it.

“She wouldn’t accept Ash was having an affair with a white girl,” said Sarah.

The case continues.