Mum still likes Special Toffee

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I HAVE just received a cutting from your newspaper detailing the centenary of Thorntons chocolate shops.

Maybe it is of little interest but I thought it worth telling you about my mum. She is now 94-years-old and lives in a residential care home in Hutton Cranswick, near Beverley, (only for 10 months, previously she lived alone).

In 1931, when 14-years-old, she went to work for Thorntons and stayed with them until she married at the age of 22. She has lovely memories of her life at Thorntons, remembering very clearly Norman and Stanley. She started working at the shop on Castle Street, near the police station and went on to Spital Hill, Change Alley, Leopold Street and London Road.

Could this possibly mean she is the oldest living ex-employee of that superb institution we all know and love?

By the way, she still enjoys a bag of Special Toffee every week.

Denise Milne, Malton

Mews, Beverley

Credit Union responsibilities

it causes me real concern to learn that many people choose to use high-cost doorstep lenders and other high-cost forms of borrowing, such as payday loans, pawn-broking and cheque-cashing to make ends meet.

Some of these lenders, although legal, prey on those who struggle to gain credit and make money from the difficulties they face, by charging extortionate rates of interest, often over 3500%. Once in the cycle of repetitive borrowing, it can be very difficult to break free. Creating a lending trap is precisely what these companies do to ensure their obscene profits.

South Yorkshire Credit Union (SYCU) is committed to helping people in financial difficulty with affordable loans and accessible savings. They provide an alternative to high-cost credit and will also offer practical advice.

Anyone struggling to access credit should contact SYCU who have a social and moral responsibility.

Dan Jarvis MP, Barnsley Central