Mum shares the golden Halloween rule all families should follow when trick or treatingÂ

No matter how old you are trick or treating will always be one of the best things about Halloween.Â

Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 1:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 1:33 pm
Mum shares trick or treating tips

On any other night, the prospect of dressing up and going to a stranger's house to ask for sweets seems preposterous. 

But on Halloween, parents take their excited kids out and about in their favourite costumes to collect treats. 

Mum shares trick or treating tips

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Parents face the daunting task of getting their children dressed up and deciding which houses to take them to. 

Luckily, a post on Mumsnet should settle any nerves for parents with this piece of wonderful advice. 

One parent who had never taken their kids trick or treating asked '˜how is Halloween done' in England and users were quick to share their best tips. 

The main tip from parents was to only ever knock on houses that were decorated for the occasion. 

One parent wrote: 'We only EVER knock on houses that are decorated for Halloween - we never knock at houses where people aren't taking part

'It's good fun and most of our neighbours join in so there is a nice community spirit (small new build estate).'

Another wrote: 'Yes to only knocking on doors if there is a pumpkin outside or some kind of decorations - this is the unwritten rule that says we are happy to receive trick or treaters.

'Kids dress up, take a bucket or something, and every house you knock will offer you a sweet or something (and if they dont, you can "trick" them, but that has never happened).'

One parent wrote: 'The unwritten rule around here is that children only knock on doors with pumpkins or decorations out, but plenty of people take part so it works well and people who don't want to participate don't get disturbed.'

One street in Sheffield that looks sure to take part in the Halloween festivities is Steade Road in Nether Edge. 

The street recreated Michael Jackson's Thriller in arguably the greatest Halloween flash-mob ever.

The video '“ which was filmed by neighbour James Stone '“ has since gone viral after being shared more than 1,500 times and has now been viewed by almost 100,000 people.