Mum’s terrifying labour inspires charity hike

Cosen family
Cosen family
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A Sheffield mum who endured a terrifying 37-hour labour is raising funds for the team which delivered her baby son.

Rachel Cosens, of Abbeydale, was left bleeding profusely and clinging to consciousness after her planned home delivery went scarily wrong.

The 34-year-old, who is married to Reverend and the Makers guitarist Ed, ended up in Jessops Hospital having emergency surgery to deliver her son, after his oxygen levels and heart rate dropped.

Rachel said: “Ed and I planned a calm home birth with as little medical intervention as possible. We had a birthing pool, a birth plan and the support of a fantastic community midwife. When I went into labour it was all remarkably uneventful for a long time, but after 27 hours of labour we hadn’t made too much progress, so the midwife called for an ambulance and we transferred to Jessops

“The team there became concerned about the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate, which was dipping with my contractions.

“By midnight on Saturday - 34 hours into the labour - and after several interventions to hurry things along, the doctor explained our baby needed to arrive fast.

“In theatre I was very frightened; Ed was still getting his scrubs on and I felt utterly alone in this crowd of unfamiliar people, but then I saw one familiar, smiling face; Sammy, the student midwife who had been holding my hand and chatting to me for the last 10 hours. In that time she was the anchor that I needed.”

Arlo Cosens was born shortly afterwards, weighing exactly 7lb.

Rachel said: “I had suffered a uterine tear and was losing a lot of blood. I desperately clung to consciousness as the team worked to stop the bleeding and eventually I was reunited with Ed and Arlo in recovery.”

Now the marketing manager at Sheffield law firm Bell & Buxton Solicitors, Rachel has rounded up her colleagues to hike 10km for Sheffield Hospitals Charity as part of ‘Walk for Wards’ on July 3.

Rachel added: “It’s the least I can do to thank Jessops for the wonderful care Arlo, Ed and I received.

“We stayed at Jessops for six days and our time there was peppered with all kinds of emotions. Once we were on the ward, the staff held our hands, wiped our tears, listened and understood and that meant so much.”