Mum’s ban after 70mph car chase

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A young mum, whose boyfriend was killed in a car crash, was chased by police through Doncaster villages at speeds of up to 70mph – all because of her little boy’s nappy rash.

Adrienne Thomas borrowed her mum’s car without permission to go looking for an all-night pharmacy, and panicked when a police patrol tried to pull her over, Doncaster Magistrates’ Court heard.

The 22-year-old made such a fast getaway that police lost her in the pursuit through Dunsville and Hatfield, but arrested her when she arrived back home in Broadwater Drive, Dunscroft.

Thomas admitted taking a car without consent, having no insurance for it, and failing to stop for a police officer.

Prosecutor Graeme Measures said she reached speeds of up to 70mph and the police officers lost sight of her.

A probation officer told the court Thomas had suffered the trauma of her baby son’s father being killed in a road collision in 2011, which led to another driver being prosecuted, and she was not suitable for work because of depression.

Defence solicitor Amanda Holmes said on the night of the offences her two-year-old son had nappy rash and she had suffered two nights of broken sleep so she took her mother’s car to find a chemist.

“She had previously driven her mum’s old car and presumed she would have consent and insurance,” she said. “She panicked and the police car was so close she daren’t stop in case it crashed.”

Thomas was sentenced to 20 sessions on a women’s programme and banned from the roads for six months.