Mum’s appeal after daughter is hit by car in Stannington

Kerry, mum and Megan 9 Arnold after she was hit by a car in Stanningon
Kerry, mum and Megan 9 Arnold after she was hit by a car in Stanningon
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A little girl had her two front teeth knocked out of her mouth after being mown down by a driver – who then failed to report the crash.

The motorist who hit nine-year-old Megan Arnold in his silver 4x4 did stop briefly at the scene – but left moments later without phoning the police or making sure Megan could get home.

Megan Arnold after she was hit by a car in Stanningon

Megan Arnold after she was hit by a car in Stanningon

Today her mum Kerry condemned the driver – and appealed for anyone who saw the collision to get in touch.

She said: “I know the driver stopped, but he didn’t bring her home or call the police.

“How does he know she wasn’t seriously hurt?

“I can’t see why anyone would get back into their car and drive off. It was me that called the ambulance.”

Megan suffered a perforated eardrum, cuts, and bruises to her stomach and leg, as well as the loss of her teeth, after being struck crossing Liberty Hill in Stannington.

Her two front adult teeth were knocked clean from her mouth and, despite hours of surgery to fix them back in, dentists do not yet know if they are going to be all right.

Two passers-by rushed to help the Shooters Grove Primary schoolgirl, who was just yards from home when the collision happened close to the junction with Stannington Road.

Kerry, aged 27, of Fairburn Road, said: “We live across the road from the shops and Megan was crossing to get some cereal.

“The next thing I knew a man and woman brought her home covered in blood. She couldn’t stop shaking.

“I had heard a bang and crying, but I thought it was the neighbour.”

Kerry said Megan can remember only parts of what happened.

She said: “She remembers there was a woman in a car that waved her across. She stepped out but has not seen the other car that hit her.

“An elderly couple were crossing the road. Megan was standing at the edge of the road and a woman waved her across.

“She was next to the couple one minute, and the next minute she had been knocked over.”

Megan was rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital before being taken on to the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital for hours of surgery.

Kerry, also mum to Kaisie, six, said: “There was a woman in a car and a bus with passengers on. Someone must have seen something. It was a time when people were going to work so there were plenty of people around. I’m really grateful to the couple who brought Megan home. I don’t know what would have happened if they weren’t there.”

Police are keen to speak to the man driving the silver 4x4 and are appealing for him to get in touch.

Officers also want to hear from anyone in the area at the time, at about 8.20am on Thursday, July 17, who may have witnessed the crash.

* The driver, and witnesses, are asked to call South Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 181 of July 17, 2014.