Mum’s agony over lack of support for boy nobody can handle

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A MUM at the end of her tether has hit out at the lack of support for her violent son, who has serious mental health issues.

Denaby woman Nicola Roberts wants her 12-year-old son to be placed in specialist residential education because no Doncaster school can handle him.

Son Kegan has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and has shown violence towards members of his own family as well as to teaching staff.

Police officers are regular visitors to the Roberts’ home because of his tantrums.

Mrs Roberts says Kegan has a mental age of seven and has self-harmed before, with the worst incident a recent attempt to hang himself.

At present she receives help from mentors who visit for an hour a day to take Kegan out and give the rest of the family some respite.

“Kegan can be very aggressive and can’t handle school. When he blows up we sometimes have to call the police,” said Mrs Roberts, who has two younger children living with her.

“He bites and pinches himself. It’s been really bad for a couple of years.

“He was excluded from a special school at Cusworth and was sent to the Nexus Centre at Balby but they had him only two or three days before they said he was too violent.

“He needs to be in a residential school with specialist staff but the council won’t fund a place for him. All they say is they’ll do another assessment.”

Mrs Roberts says a recent incident in which Kegan needed hospital treatment for a leg injury after an outburst prompted social workers to suggest her other children might also be in danger.

“They were more or less saying they might remove the kids, and our pet dog, if Kegan stays at home. That shows how bad things are but they’re just not giving me enough support.”

But a request from The Star to Doncaster Council for a comment on the family’s situation failed to bring a positive response to Kegan’s case.

The council’s Director of the Children and Young People’s Service, Chris Pratt, said: “This is a confidential matter and we do not comment on individual cases.”