Mum of premature baby says thanks to medics for saving son's life

The mum of a premature baby treated in Sheffield is to take part in a sponsored '˜buggy push' to thank the medics who helped care for him.

Natalie Mclean, aged 38, from Birley, had fertility treatment following years of difficulty conceiving.

But, during a 4D scan at 28 weeks pregnant, Natalie and her husband, Ian, discovered that there were complications with their baby boy, Thomas, and that he needed to be delivered early.

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He weighed just 2lb 4oz when he was born and spent two and a half months at Jessops Maternity Wing.

Natalie said: “I developed a close connection with the staff, most of whom I knew by name. They would often come to see me for an unscheduled chat for no other reason than to see how I was.

“My son was born two months prematurely. Soon after, he was rushed to intensive care for treatment and monitoring.

“The machinery in the ward was overwhelming, but every piece of equipment was explained to me so over time I came to terms with it all.

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“There were times I felt useless, frightened and overwhelmed by the whole experience. The staff somehow knew exactly what to say to pick me back up, though. It takes a certain kind of person to work in this environment and I have to say Jessops had the perfect mix.

“There is no doubt in my mind that our beautiful son wouldn’t have stood a chance of survival without the expertise and knowledge of the medical professionals who we affectionately named ‘Tommy’s Angels’ - for this we owe them everything.

The Jessop’s Buggy Push is to take place at Rother Valley Country Park on Sunday, May 22.


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