Mum lured to her death, court hears

Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson
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A TEENAGE mum was stabbed repeatedly and dumped in a canal by her lover after she ‘grassed’ to his family about their relationship, a court heard.

Laura Mary Wilson, aged 17, was lured to her death by Ashtiaq Asghar, while married man Ishaq Hussain - the father of her baby daughter - provided a decoy to ensure she met Asghar alone, jurors heard.

Asghar, 18, of Holmes Lane, Holmes, Rotherham, and Hussain, 22, of Ferham Road, Holmes, both deny her murder.

Nicholas Campbell QC, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court Laura was an “attractive and popular” girl who was reported missing after she failed to return home from a night out on Saturday October 9 last year.

Her body was found in the Sheffield to Keighley Canal near Meadowhall three days later.

Mr Campbell said on the night she went missing, texts showed Laura had met Asghar at the canal - while Hussain met up with her friend to ensure Laura went to meet Asghar alone.

After the killing, Asghar allegedly told a friend: “I’m gonna be famous. I’ve done something. You will hear about it - keep your eyes open.”

Days before she died, Laura told Hussain’s mother he was the man who had fathered her four-month-old daughter - and told Asghar’s family that they too had had a sexual relationship.

Mr Campbell said both men wanted her dead because she was a “loose cannon”.

“The prosecution say the two defendants in the dock are jointly responsible for her murder,” he added.

Mr Campbell said that in 2009, while on a break from her relationship with Asghar, Laura had a brief sexual relationship with Hussain which resulted in the birth of her daughter.

Although it was common knowledge in the community that married Hussain was the baby’s father, he failed to acknowledge the child was his or to provide any support for her.

The court heard he also had a daughter with Fay Williams, a friend of Laura’s, but he did acknowledge that child was his.

Mr Campbell said: “As the babies grew, tensions grew, and it became clear Hussain took his responsibilities towards his child with Fay seriously but refused to acknowledge Laura’s baby was his.

“Laura took exception to this.”

Mr Campbell said that on the Wednesday before her death Laura, from Birch Park Court, Holmes, decided to ‘bring matters to a head’ and tell both families of her involvement with the two men.

He said: “Hussain was to tell police he was trying to keep secret the existence of his child with Laura.

“His attitude angered her and she threatened to ‘grass’ to his family.

“It became clear Asghar was just as keen that his parents didn’t find out about his relationship with Laura.” When Laura told Asghar’s mother she was in love with him, and wanted to have his babies, his mother called her a “white bitch” and said her son would never have a baby with her, the court heard.

Mr Campbell said that after Laura exposed the relationships the men began texting each other and plotting to kill her.

He said: “The evidence of the texts that have survived reveals how much grief Laura Wilson’s actions caused both these defendants.

“She was a loose cannon and they had to get rid of the problem.”

Mr Campbell said in some of the messages the men used language featured in the film Four Lions, about Islamic terrorism in multi-cultural Britain.

He said some texts referred to ‘baked beans’ - the carnage left after a suicide bomb has exploded - while others referred to ‘kafirs’ or non-Muslims.

The trial continues.