Mum and son kick up a stink after sewage leak

Fed up: Christine Chard in her sewage-damaged kitchen.                        PICTURE: BARRY RICHARDSON.
Fed up: Christine Chard in her sewage-damaged kitchen. PICTURE: BARRY RICHARDSON.
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A MUM and her son have been left fuming after a leak ‘covered’ kitchen units in raw sewage.

Kitchen units were removed so the room could be cleaned after the sewage stack leaked from the maisonette above.

But tenants Kenneth Chard, aged 34, and mum Christine, 62, on Oxford Street, Upperthorpe, are unhappy Sheffield Homes wants to put some units from the old kitchen back in rather than replace them with new ones.

The company says it is replacing all the damaged units and the ones to be refitted were untouched by sewage.

Mr Chard, a full-time carer for his disabled mum, said: “The workmen have been round wanting to put the old units back but I’ve refused to let them in.

“If they try again, I’ll kick the old units to pieces so they have to replace them anyway.

“The kitchen units ended up covered in raw sewage which had been leaking from the stack.

“The plaster on the walls also became damp. The kitchen has all had to be taken out and the walls replastered. The kitchen units had raw faeces on them. We want new ones.”

A spokeswoman for council housing management company, Sheffield Homes, said: “A full assessment by environmental health officials was carried out on the damage.

“Any items of kitchen furniture found to be damaged or contaminated were removed. An appointment was made with the tenant to fit replacement units and a sink in the property but workmen were turned away by the tenant.

“Other remedial work was planned to be carried out but we are having difficulty gaining access as we need Mr Chard’s consent which is, at present, unforthcoming.”