Multinationals rule because we let them

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Sheffield is being managed by a council that has given over management of all the city’s basic services to Amey.

Amey is owned by a multinational that is based in Madrid, Spain. How can this be a good idea?

Our Green City is under threat.

Our trees are an invaluable asset. They connect us with the natural world. They filter the air we breath. They shelter us from the severe weather by breaking the worst of the wind They promote the potential for wild life to grow in the city. They are more important than most people recognise because they do what they do for generation after generation with no major costs... until now.

You would imagine that a former senior member of the last government, Nick Clegg might have some influence in a decision that affects every citizen of Sheffield. His efforts have had no impact.

Only one person will benefit from this decision and that is the shareholders of Ferrovial , which owns Amey.

The faceless accountant behind this decision has no concern for us.

Our families spiritual and physical well-being are irrelevant next to the need for greater profits and further expansion of an unaccountable multinational.

Our city is being molested and the felling of trees is underway.

We have to stop this and we must review the Amey contract and terminate it as soon as possible.

A unique opportunity for change has presented itself.

At the age of 58 I have seen many changes take place and many for the worse. There is one change that I hope I will see in what remains of my life and that is within the Labour Party.

I have voted for Labour only once but now that I see that there is a credible choice in Jeremy Corbyn I have joined the Labour Party and I am actively engaged in supporting his election as the next leader.

Since World War Two this country has moved further and further to the right.

I don’t want to see my grandchildren subjected to worse than Victorian England where families rely on hand outs, parents both have to work long hours just to pay the credit card debts and multinationals spoil my environment because it saves shareholders money.

Join the Labour Party!


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