Multicultural school was closed by Ofsted

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Let’s be straight about this and not make any excuses about the closure of Abbeydale Grange School. (New school, The Star, June 17).

It was the brainchild of the Labour Council led by the late Jan Wilson, to turn this wonderful school in lovely surroundings into a multicultural academy.

Unfortunately this idea did not go down well at all with the residents of the area.

It soon became apparent that Labour had created a ticking time bomb with dozens of cultures causing serious problems for the surrounding area.

I used to drive past there to go to Sainsbury’s and pupils would be walking down the middle of the road taunting motorists and throwing their chip papers in the air, then when you got to Sainsburys there would be a huge staff presence following these pupils around the store and shoppers would feel intimidated.

I once had the misfortune to board a bus into the city centre just as these pupils were coming out of school and to say that people were terrified is an understatement.

I witnessed old ladies cowering and one man was repeatedly punched in the face for asking them to calm down.

I got off the bus with the two old ladies and they said they would never ever travel on the bus again at that time.

The multicultural academy, however, was receiving multiple complaints about behaviour and finally it was decided by Ofsted because of continued problems and results that this school would be closed, much to the relief of the neighbourhood.

It wasn’t Lib Dems that closed it.

In closing, ask yourself this, if you had a lovely school steeped in local history with a fantastic bus service you would immediately say what a fantastic opportunity we have here to open a school that will serve all of our needs.

The problem was though, that a multicultural school has been closed down and it couldn’t be reopened as a normal school because they would be labelled racist.

How pathetic.


Sheffield, S10