Mulberry bush

Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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So the Council has a new panel to make decisions about our trees

Will someone explain how the panel is ‘independent’ please?

Apparently the choice of panel members has already been made

Am I to assume then that they are all council paid?

Councillor Fox has admitted that he will have the final say

So how can these ‘unbiased’ panelists save the day?

Now although panelist Andy Buck certainly sounds a nice guy

And he says he will listen and bring a ‘fresh’ eye

I still believe perhaps he’s not yet completely aware

Of SORT’s solutions and documentation that’s already there

So just as SORT’s hoping we’ve completed the last push

Here we go again, around a ‘fresh Mulberry Bush!’

Now I do not want to sound cynical or on my soap box

But it would seem the panel’s main purpose is to protect Councillor Fox

I’m sure they’ll be able to bat away any awkward questions

And help to smokescreen the council’s real intentions

And certainly to SORT it will come as no surprise

If unpleasant decisions are “after all, on the panel’s advice”.

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