Mugger, 16, jailed for attacking two students

Bash Ibrahim, convicted of robbing students
Bash Ibrahim, convicted of robbing students
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A TEENAGE robber aged just 16 has been locked up after subjecting two woman students to terrifying street muggings in Sheffield.

Bash Ibrahim, of Merton lane, Wincobank, was sentenced to 18 months at Sheffield Crown Court after pleading guilty to robbery, attempted robbery and causing actual bodily harm.

The court heard he tried to rob a 20-year-old student of her handbag and threatened another with a glass bottle while trying to steal her expensive gold chain – a family heirloom given to her by her late father.

Recorder Robert Sangster QC said: “These were mean and nasty offences which caused a great deal of anguish to your victims. If that happened to you, your family, your mother, you would feel very aggrieved.”

Louise Gallaher, prosecuting, said Ibrahim attacked the 20-year woman in Fitzalan Square, Sheffield city centre.

A friend fought him off but Ibrahim knocked him to the ground, stamped on his head and ‘football-kicked’ him two or three times in the face before running off.

Shocked witnesses saw the Chinese student in tears, while her male friend’s face was covered in blood.

In a victim impact statement, the student said ‘this incident really scared me. It was horrifying’.

While on bail for the crime, he struck again in Rock Street, Burngreave.

He attacked Chelsea Sim, an 18-year-old female student from Lancaster who was in Sheffield visiting some of Ibrahim’s friends.

When he tried to steal a gold chain from her neck while they were chatting, she took it off and put in her handbag.

He later returned carrying a glass bottle which he smashed against the wall before holding it to her throat and stealing the bag, leaving her in tears.

In his defence, the court heard Ibrahim was of previous good character but was having relationship problems with his mother.