Mr Harpham, you want our votes – we need your help

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Readers' Letters
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Why are Norwood residents ignored again?

A few years ago the council houses on Norwood were modernised as part of the Decent Homes Standard. Private home owners (ex-council) were told their houses would get a free facelift to complement the look of the area. Just before the work to the private homes began the money ran out, so they got nothing.

Next, they were told they would be getting new walls, railings, paths and driveways as part of the Environmental Scheme. As you can guess the money vanished.

Residents in Firth Park, Fir Vale, Page Hall, Burngreave, Parson Cross, Arbourthorne and other areas did get this work done, paid for with Government funding obtained by Sheffield Council.

Norwood residents all pay council tax to the same council as these other areas. When will they ever get a share of the coffers?

Now work is being done on the council houses on Norwood to renew roofs, gutters and drains etc. But as usual there is no funding available, not even grants for homeowners.

They will have to put up with all the noise, thick black dust and disruption, but all they will get is the mess to clear up.

No consideration and no compensation.

Sheffield Council are forever bragging they stand for fairness and equality but obviously not for Norwood residents.

They never seem to have any difficulty finding money to spend on “non-essential eyesores” that benefit no one.

Come on Mr Harpham, you want our votes – we need your help. Break from tradition and give some fairness and equality to Norwood residents to make up for all the years of neglect they have endured.

Mrs J Shutt,

an extremely irate resident

Norwood Avenue