MPs to investigate Rotherham Council takeover

Clive BettsClive Betts
Clive Betts
The takeover of Rotherham Council by Government-appointed commissioners in the wake of the child abuse scandal is to be investigated by MPs.

Commissioners were ordered into Rotherham following an investigation by Louise Casey in February 2015 which found the authority’s leadership was still ‘in denial’ about the town’s child sexual exploitation scandal and the council’s failures in relation to it.

The commissioners remain in charge of the authority, although some powers have been handed back to council officers and councillors.

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It has been announced the Communities and Local Government Committee - led by Sheffield MP Clive Betts - are to investigative how effective the takeover has been.

MPs will also examine the appointment of Government commissioners in Tower Hamlets in London following allegations of council corruption.

Mr Betts said: “Seizing control of a local authority’s powers is an extremely serious step for any Government to take. We will look very carefully to see if this has been done effectively in Tower Hamlets and Rotherham and explore the efforts being made to return democratic control to the two communities.

“The committee is also keen to see if the process can be improved for possible cases in the future.”

The investigation will include looking at the actions taken in Rotherham to address failings before commissioners were imposed.