MPs just obeyed orders

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Sad to see the representative MPs of Sheffield, among the others heading to the despatch box like lemmings, to vote against democracy.

With relatively few MPs present throughout much of the excellent debate on a referendum over membership of the EU, the only visible Sheffield area representative spoke but one sentence: “I will be voting against the motion.”

He could have added: “I’m only obeying my boss.”

Yet 71% of the electorate support withdrawal from Europe, but only 23% of their elected representatives dared to vote for even a referendum on the subject. The others were following their political masters’ commands.

I believe that the similar excuse ‘we were only obeying orders’ was used by one of our favoured European partners when their actions were called into account in earlier times.

The billions expended by Britain in supporting the bureaucracy and restrictive trade practices within the EU, as well as our massive negative trade balance with Europe, could be far more effectively used in real job creation in industry-starved cities, such as Sheffield (and don’t forget this money is paid to an organisation who haven’t submitted any audited accounts for 14 years and has just increased its budget by 5%). Cuts ? What cuts?

Now that all three main parties have reneged on election promises for a referendum and betrayed the electorate, how can the people regain their democracy?

They will certainly never recover their trust in politicians after the antics of the past decade. We appear to be fully occupied in foreign lands supporting the democratic rights of others, but who will help us?

Perhaps we should call in the United Nations.

N Brownell, Abbeydale Road South, S7