MP’s worries about threat to local radio

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SHEFFIELD Central MP Paul Blomfield has launched a parliamentary campaign to protect South Yorkshire’s BBC radio station.

Mr Blomfield has tabled an Early Day Motion in Parliament raising concerns about a new scheme which sees BBC Radio Sheffield, Leeds and York all sharing programmes in the afternoon.

The MP said: “BBC local radio stations are an invaluable source of local news and information that lots of people rely on. They are also important in building community identity.

“I’m very concerned that the pilot for Radio Sheffield, Leeds and York to share afternoon programmes will lead to a gradual erosion of local services and much-loved programmes and presenters, causing falling audiences and precipitating the decline of local radio.

“I know the BBC needs to save money, but this is not the best way to do it.

“I’d urge the BBC to rethink their plans and protect local radio.”

So far 11 MPs, including seven from South Yorkshire, have signed the motion to show their support.

The pilot scheme has already resulted in the loss of Paulette Edwards at Radio Sheffield.