MP’s forces cuts concern

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A SOUTH Yorkshire MP claims he was misled by the Defence Secretary Liam Fox when he asked for clarification about whether there would be further cuts to the armed forces.

Labour politician and former Army officer Dan Jarvis, who represents Barnsley Central, spoke out after a reduction of 19,000 soldiers was announced.

Mr Jarvis said: “On July 4, I asked the Defence Secretary whether he had plans to reduce the size of the army post-2015. In his reply he stated, ‘nothing has changed in our assumptions since the Strategic Defence Review’.

“I now have significant concerns that this response was not accurate.

“It is inconceivable that the latest announcement has come about in the last two weeks.

“More likely is that the Defence Secretary has been planning this for some time.”

He said the decision should wait for a reassessment once British forces leave Afghanistan in 2015 – as the global security situation could change in the intervening years leaving the UK short of troops.