MP’s concerns over rise in unemployed

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MP Rosie Winterton has raised concerns after unemployment rose again in her Doncaster Central constituency.

New figures show the number of jobseekers in Doncaster Central constituency, which includes Armthorpe, Balby, the town centre, Town Moor and Wheatley, has risen by 153 since last month, taking the total to 3,944.

Last month Ms Winterton obtained figures showing the number of people chasing each vacancy in her constituency had risen by 50 per cent in less than a year.

She said: “I know people in Doncaster will look at these figures and ask why the Government is not getting a grip on this problem. The answer is that their attitude is far too casual about the crucial need to get people back to work.

“Eighteen months after the end of the recession the number of job vacancies has fallen again and more people than ever are being forced to work part-time when they want full-time work.

“Around the world unemployment is falling much faster than here, so why is this Government not doing a better job?

“The Tories are creating a vicious circle in our economy because they are cutting too far and too fast – hitting Doncaster families and costing jobs.

“More people out of work and on benefits makes it harder to get the deficit down.”

The figures in neighbouring constituencies Doncaster North and Don Valley fell - from 3,289 in May to 3,273 in June in Doncaster North, and from 2,628 to 2,590 in Don Valley.

A Conservative Party spokesman said the claimant count in Doncaster North had fallen since the election, from 3,408 in May last year to 3,273.

She said: “While the labour market has stabilised and the past year has seen private sector employment rising by 500,000, there are still challenges. We inherited the largest budget deficit in peacetime history and high levels of worklessness, which we are determined to bring down by rebalancing the economy and supporting private sector jobs growth.”