MP Clegg calls for reform after latest scandal

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‘Head to toe’ reform of the lobbying system is being urged by Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg in the wake of the latest scandals.

Three members of the House of Lords - Labour peers Lord Cunningham and Lord Mackenzie, and Ulster Unionist Lord Laird - were filmed by undercover reporters discussing taking money in return for asking questions and access to ministers.

Meanwhile, Tory MP Patrick Mercer resigned his party whip and said he would stand down at the next election after taking thousands of pounds for tabling Parliamentary questions and motions on behalf of lobbyists.

Mr Clegg said the Government would now introduce laws to create a statutory register of lobbyists and give constituents ‘powers of recall’ if an MP is guilty of wrongdoing.

Mr Clegg, who proposed regulation of lobbying as part of the coalition agreement in 2010, said his efforts have previously been frustrated due to lack of support from other parties.