MP can mug up on a bit of city history

Potter Mark Turner with Henderson's Relish mug
Potter Mark Turner with Henderson's Relish mug
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When adopted Sheffielder Mark Turner heard an MP slate his favourite sauce he felt like a bit of a mug.

The pottery-maker went potty when he heard South London MP Jim Dowd had accused Sheffield-made Henderson’s Relish of ‘copying’ Lea and Perrins’ Worcestershire Sauce in the House of Commons.

While the politician repeatedly ignored calls for an apology, the Loxley-based businessman did what he does best and chanelled his frustration into ceramic form.

The limited edition mug, emblazoned with a message in Sheffield dialect ‘Gerrit etten – ’sway berra than that uther stuff’ was sent to Mr Dowd and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg.

The Deputy Prime Minister took to Twitter to say the delivery had ‘made my day’.

Mr Turner said: “I wasn’t born in Sheffield but I’ve lived here for 43 years and consider it my home. I always have a bottle of Hendo’s in the cupboard.

“I couldn’t believe that someone in that position would insult something which is so popular here.

“I did the illustration and the original mugs a while ago and had the special edition done when I first heard the story about Jim Dowd.

“I sent one to Nick Clegg and the other for him to give to Mr Dowd next time he sees him. I was pretty pleased when he posted a picture on Twitter. People have been asking for them but I haven’t got any left in stock, so they’d have to be made to order.”

Mr Dowd, a Labour MP has arranged to visit the Henderson’s Relish headquarters in Parkway Business Park next week.