MP calls for care home nationalisation

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A NORTH Derbyshire MP is calling for the nationalisation of Britain’s largest care home provider amid fears the business could collapse - putting the futures of thousands of elderly residents - including hundreds in South Yorkshire - at risk.

John Mann, who represents Bassetlaw for Labour, made the suggestion following announcements that Southern Cross had made losses of £300 million and needed to reduce its rent payments to help avoid bankruptcy and secure its future.

The firm runs over 750 homes for 31,000 elderly and young disabled residents, including 26 homes in South Yorkshire and four in Mr Mann’s constituency.

Mr Mann said: “Action needs to be taken fast to protect these people. I am concerned a collapse will see the company broken up and companies leaping in to leach out profits hand in hand with reduced standards of care.

“Nationalisation is the logical response to the Southern Cross Care Home situation with local authorities given the power to step in to ensure a smooth transition and a guarantee high standards are maintained”.