Moving to a better Britain

Have your say

THOSE who find fault with Lord Ahmed of Rotherham when he says unhappy arranged marriages may be behind cases of young Pakistani men who exploit white girls for sex, ignore the glaringly obvious.

It is only by understanding that there is a cultural background to some of the problems that we can begin to build the kind of multi-cultural society that Britain deserves.

However, criticism of Lord Ahmed plays into the hands of dogmatists who demand that the host nation makes concessions to the way of life of people from different backgrounds but refuse to accept that they must accept that they should embrace the British way of life.

The Labour Peer will have been aware of the sensitivity of his words when he uttered them. But he had the courage to have his say regardless.

We need more politicians like him, who say what they know is right rather than what they know will be popular. And then we may move towards a better understanding of what is expected of all people if they are to live happily together in modern Britain.

Protect this land for the good of all

WHEN Rotherham council was asked to extend outline planning permission for a leisure complex on land adjoining Rother Valley Country Park, it asked for observations and objections but did not let on that it was a lead player in the project.

But that is now clear after the council parted company with the prospective developer and began casting round for another partner. The council really ought to have broadcast more clearly their involvement and enthusiastic support for the scheme when they asked the public for their views. That way people would have been more alert to the need to hammer home the great value the threatened land offers local people and wildlife.

It has become colonised by many rare species and is a unique wildlife haven for the region. Rather than sacrifice it to commercialism, it ought to be protected for the good of all.

Opening doors

WE congratulate local advanced manufacturing specialist Newburgh Engineering for wholeheartedly supporting a programme aimed at alerting young people to the opportunities within their industrial sector.

In this day and age it is only too easy to believe that all manufacturing opportunities have been lost to the UK. But that could not be further from the truth.

And now this firm is championing the need to open more doors for school leavers to make the most of job chances on their doorstep.

The skills they will gain will open a wealth of opportunities in the future.