Moving to the cloud makes good sense

What is the main thing holding small to medium-sized businesses back in the 21st century? asks Craig Such, managing director of Azzure IT.

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Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 11:47 am
Azzure IT, CEO Craig Such. Picture: Chris Etchells.

Ironically, the IT systems, which up to this stage have supported business growth and development, are now beginning to prevent them from moving forward.

For small to medium-sized businesses to take the next step towards business transformation, IT systems need to follow suit.

That’s where Azzure IT comes in.

The latest cloud-based systems from Microsoft Dynamics 365 are game-changers and will set the pace for business tech for years to come.

So it makes sense to move to the cloud – but how do you go about the transformation of your IT systems?

Having observed the extent to which digital transformation – or lack of it – is affecting every single small business in the UK, we’re an industry leader when it comes to helping businesses keep pace and connect all their employees.

SMEs are also finding that standardising their operations within the cloud is helping them overcome commercial barriers, exploit business intelligence applications and share data with partners.

Cloud-based business solutions accelerate business transformation – when small businesses grow organically, IT departments by and large aren’t able to keep pace.

And, by moving to the cloud, you can connect everyone across the company with the information they need to respond faster to ever-changing market conditions.

A flexible, data-driven solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more cost-efficient, and keeps businesses focused on what’s next, effectively stopping those businesses from standing still.

Integrating the capabilities of enterprise resources planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and Office 365 is helping businesses across the country redefine productivity by giving employees access to connected insight, processes and data, anytime, on any device.

It makes sense, therefore, to call upon specialists in digital transformation – such as Azzure IT – to help your business take the next step forward.

We’re a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner and are part-funded by the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund – something which recognises the success that our solutions have at driving digital transformation for growing, aspirational businesses, up and down the country.

Delivering diverse solutions which connect automate accounting, manufacturing, operations, purchasing, supply-chain, sales and marketing is our forte, and we’ve already won several industry accolades for business growth which has further enhanced our reputation.

We’ve seen a huge leap forward in IT business solutions in the past decade, but if you thought that was a lot, just wait until you see what’s coming next.