Move tomorrow if only I could

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I AM an elderly person living on the Shirecliffe estate and need to comment on the lack of police and the local councillor’s support on gangs of kids that basically run unchecked on the estate.

I have lived here for more than 50 years and have seen it deteriorate to such an extent that if I could move tomorrow I would.

Kids as young as five are ‘effing and blinding’ till all hours of the day behaving noisily outside your house. God forbid if you go out and try and to move them on. The level of abuse you get can be shocking and intimidating. You get damage to cars and property.

What are the police doing about this? Nothing. They may come and see the parents (who are good at making kids, but are severely lacking in the good parenting part) but all they seem to do is to politely ask them to keep a check on them, instead of hitting the problem head on.

The parents of these kids that run riot should be made to answer for the whereabouts of their children and what they are getting up.

I contacted the local councillors hoping they would care and want to help. But there was no sign of them. Total silence, no reply to emails, nothing.

It’s only when voting time comes around that you see them and then only briefly, I might add.

John Vegas