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I WAS disappointed to hear that the lovely figures of the working steel men had been removed from inside Meadowhall to a car park.

If Meadowhall’s owners are not sufficiently proud of them to leave them where they were they should be moved to the city centre where they would be much more appreciated.

John Nicholas

State of our roads

The state of our roads and footpaths is a disgrace. What is our road fund tax being spent on? It certainly isn’t what we expect it to be spent on – the roads!

An explanation of why and why not should be demanded by the motorists and haulage companies.

Trudy Garforth. Chapeltown

Missing appointment

anyone not keeping an NHS appointment should be fined. I have heard receptionists phoning patients and pointing out that they have not turned up for the third or fourth time in a few weeks.

All this impacts on NHS costs and patients who are responsible and never miss a date.

Sylvia Brinnen

England in bad state

JUDGE Simon Lawler, should be kicked out of being a judge after the trial of Simon Whiteley who was beaten up. What would the judge have done if it was his son? He would have got a good prison sentence, that’s why England is in such a bad state.

Jack Tompkinsm Scampton Lodge, S5