Mountain Rescue locate couple trapped on peak

A couple had to be located by Mountain Rescue after running out of daylight while walking on a Derbyshire peak.

The pair of walkers were on Kinder Scout - the highest point in Derbyshire - and ran out of daylight, forcing them to get in touch with Edale Mountain Rescue.

Despite having a map and walking equipment, the couple did not have enough light to safely descend to Edale on Saturday, February 14, at about 6pm.

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They contacted Edale Mountain Rescue, who then tracked them down using SARLOC - a technology which can pinpoint a person’s location using their mobile phone signal.

A statement released by Edale Mountain Rescue said: “Team contacted by a couple having run out of daylight whilst completing a walk on Kinder Scout.

“Despite being well equipped with a map and walking equipment, they had insufficient lighting to safely descend to Edale.

“They believed their location to be Grindsbrook Clough, which was confirmed via SARLOC. We sent a couple of local members to meet them and escort down to the village safely.”


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